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Glasgow Life

Glasgow Life runs cultural, recreation and leisure facilities on behalf of Glasgow City Council.

Charity number: SC037844

Glasgow Natural History Society

Charity number: SC012586

Glasgow North Regeneration Agency

Glasgow North Regeneration Agency supports economic development initiatives in the North Glasgow area.

Charity number: SC020997

Coseley Comets

Charity number: 1148370

White Star Fc

Charity number: 1139243

White Stuff Foundation

Charity number: 1134754

White Waltham C Of E School Trust Fund

Charity number: 1057261

White Waltham Village Association

Charity number: 288319

Tall Ships Youth Trust

Charity number: 314229

Scottish Ballet

Scotland's national ballet company performs at major venues in Scotland, elsewhere in the UK, and abroad as a cultural ambassador, as well as in small scale venues both nationally and internationally.

Charity number: SC008037

Scottish Beekeepers' Association

Charity number: SC009345

South Lanarkshire Leisure

South Lanarkshire Leisure runs leisure and recreation facilities, and develops sporting opportunities, for the general public.

Charity number: SC032549

South Lancashire Advanced Motorcyclists

Charity number: 1082460

Cornwall Film Festival

Charity number: 1126161

The Djibouti Community Centre

Charity number: 1105764

Stroud Handball Club

Charity number: 1158566

Rotary Club of Wareham

Charity number: 1037756

Basingstoke & District Sports Trust Ltd

Basingstoke Sports Centre dlilgently works to provide an excellent service to facilitate health and wellness in the community. It runs about 100 weekly classes, for all ages and abilities, throughout the centre which is home...

Charity number: 301731

Rotary Club Of Waterlooville Trust Fund

Charity number: 1030925

Basingstoke Afternoon Women's Institute

Charity number: 1055855

Rotary Club Of Watford Trust Fund

Charity number: 1037547

Rotary Club Of Wednesbury

Charity number: 1077286

Rotary Club Of Wellington Trust Fund

Charity number: 1005190

Rotary Club Of Wells Charity Trust Fund

Charity number: 1111911

Rotary Club Of Wensleydale Trust Fund

Charity number: 1046181

Cirdan Sailing Trust

Charity number: 1091598

Rotary Club Of West Wight Trust Fund

Charity number: 1027731

Rotary Club Of West Wirral Trust Fund

Charity number: 1041287

Rotary Club Of West Worthing Trust Fund

Charity number: 1155019

Rotary Club Of Westbourne Trust Fund

Charity number: 1111184

Sports Leaders UK

Inspiring people and communities through leadership qualifications in sport. Sports Leaders UK is changing lives. Originally founded 30 years ago, Sports Leaders UK was set up to support people across the UK who would like...

Charity number: 1095326

Sports Medicine (Southwest) Trust

Charity number: 1022287

Combined Cadet Force Association

Charity number: 305962

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