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Batten Disease Family Association

Batten disease is a group of rare, progressive neurodegenerative, genetic metabolic diseases that occur in children & young people worldwide. There are currently no treatments, and it is always fatal. The BDFA's Vision is to...

Charity number: 1084908

Cliffedale School Fund

Charity number: 1044738

Turnfields Recreation Ground

Charity number: 294839

Derby Women's Centre

Charity number: 1135743

Save The Mothers Trust (smt)

Charity number: 1104771

Turnfurlong Infant School Fund

Charity number: 1080270

The Beacon Lodge Benevolent Fund

Charity number: 506326

About Sports Limited

Charity number: 1149913

Turnfurlong Junior School

Charity number: 1077535

Bassetlaw Play Forum

Charity number: 700521

The Sutasoma Trust

Charity number: 803301

The Sutcliffe Family Charitable Trust

Charity number: 1123476

Dprac Welfare Fund

Charity number: 515568

SPARKS - the children's medical research charity

Each year, less than £10 per child in the UK is spent on research into child health yet every day, 1 baby in 30 is born in the UK with a condition which may affect...

Charity number: 1003825, SC039482

The Timmy Mason Trust

Charity number: 1147176

Abbeytown Juniors Football Club

Charity number: 1141635

Bag Books

Multi-sensory stories for people with learning disabilities. Bag Books is the only organisation in the world publishing multi-sensory books specifically for people with learning disabilities. Each year we reach around 19,000 children and adults throughout...

Charity number: 1026432

The Timothy Colman Charitable Trust

Charity number: 206129

The Timothy Flux Charitable Trust

Charity number: 1139706

The Youth Charity

Charity number: 502308

Brockham Recreation Ground Trust

Charity number: 200307

Sherborne Preparatory School

Charity number: 1071494

Young People Afloat

Charity number: 1098869

Rosie's Rainbow Fund

Charity number: 1105243

The Youth Leadership Trust

Charity number: 1148474

The Recreation Ground For Children

Charity number: 274032

Twickenham Preparatory School

Charity number: 1067572

Abraham's Children In Crisis

Charity number: 1159189

Squiggle Foundation, The

Charity number: 283858

Walsall F.C. Community Programme

Charity number: 1087147

The Yusef Foundation

Charity number: 1157439


Charity number: 1140425

Action for Kids Charitable Trust

Charity number: 1068841

Clayton Playing Field

Charity number: 522647

The Yves Guihannec Foundation

Charity number: 1013159

Downright Perfect

Charity number: 1159214

Shooting Star Chase

About Us Shooting Star Chase is a leading children’s hospice charity caring for babies, children and young people with life-limiting conditions, and their families. Whether lives are measured in days, weeks, months or years, we...

Charity number: 1042495

The Yvonne Muntz Charitable Trust

Charity number: 1103905

Down's Heart Group

Down’s Heart Group was founded in 1988 and offers parent friendly support and information relating to heart conditions associated with Down's Syndrome. Finding out your baby has Down's Syndrome presents a family with challenges.  For...

Charity number: 1011413

The White Horse Charity Otham

Charity number: 1113849

Reading Mencap

Reading Mencap has provided services and support in the Reading area to children and adults with learning disabilities and autistic-spectrum disorders for around 50 years. These services include a drop-in information centre, a family advice team,...

Charity number: 1118287

Believe To Achieve

Charity number: 1084066

Sparks (Wells)

Charity number: 1123709

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