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Whitby Historic Lifeboat Trust

Charity number: 1111707

Suffolk Lowland Search And Rescue

Charity number: 1091537

Care And Relief Foundation

Stop the Flood in Pakistan is a flood relief project of Care & Relief Foundation and Sadqa Online for restoration of access, drainage, food, drinking water, and emergency health and shelter requirements in Pakistan’s flood affected...

Charity number: 1152230

South Snowdonia Search And Rescue Team

Charity number: 1033116

Tayside Mountain Rescue Association

Charity number: SC001172

Tayside Primary Care NHS Trust

Charity number: SC028965

Dartmoor Rescue Group

The Dartmoor Rescue Group consists of four Search and Rescue Teams (SaRT) based in Ashburton, Okehampton, Tavistock and Plymouth.  Each team is a separate charity and is capable of functioning independently.  However the teams frequently...

Charity number: 286680

Devon Air Ambulance Trust

The Devon Air Ambulance Trust is the charity which raises the funds to keep Devon's Air Ambulances flying. Costing in the region of £4 Million each year, and independent of Government and lottery funding, every...

Charity number: 1077998

Sidmouth Lifeboat

Charity number: 1105914

Bucks Search & Rescue

Established in 1987 by the Bucks County Council Emergency Planning Officer, BSAR (Bucks Search and Rescue)  provides a pool of volunteers, trained in emergency procedures and First Aid, ready to assist the full time emergency...

Charity number: 1073134

Sidmouth Lions Club Charity Trust Fund

Charity number: 1015311


Charity number: 1139266


Charity number: 1079494

Bolton Mountain Rescue Team

Charity number: 517454

Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance Charity

Charity number: 1078685

Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue (CamSAR)

Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue (CamSAR) was founded in 2006 to assist Cambridgeshire Police in the search for vulnerable missing persons: a child, an elderly person suffering from dementia or even someone who is considering taking their...

Charity number: 1118622

The Searle Charitable Trust

Charity number: 288541

Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance

Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA) was formed in 2012 and launched our helicopter air ambulance in May 2013 to assist the Scottish Air Ambulance Service (SAAS) to deliver front-line care to time-critical emergencies across Scotland....

Charity number: SC041845

Scotland's Gardens Scheme

Charity number: SC011337

The Wesley Historical Society

Charity number: 283012

Wales Air Ambulance Charitable Trust

Welsh Air Ambulance Charitable Trust helps keep the Welsh Air Ambulance service running so that it can continue its life-saving work.

Charity number: 1083645

Ulnes Walton Bridleways Association

Charity number: 1110372

South East London Search And Rescue

Charity number: 1157836

Yorkshire Air Ambulance Service Charity

The YAA relies solely on the generosity of the public to help save lives across the region. We need to raise £12,000 per day to keep this life saving service going.

Charity number: 1084305

Cheshire Lowland Search & Rescue Team

Charity number: 1105454

Cheshire Masonic Covenants Limited

Charity number: 219180

Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust

Cornwall Air Ambulance was the first in the country and has been flying since April 1st 1987. To keep the distinctive red and yellow helicopter in the air the charity needs to raise around £1.6million...

Charity number: 1133295

East Sutherland Rescue Association

Charity number: SC016041

Midlands Air Ambulance Charity

Midlands Air Ambulance is one of the longest established, busiest and most successful air ambulance charities in the UK. Operating three aircraft, we conduct more than 3500 mercy missions each year serving the communities of...

Charity number: 1143118

Sussex Lowland Search & Rescue (SUSSAR)

Charity number: 1097190

Sussex Masonic Charities

Charity number: 212979

Sussex Me/Cfs Society

Charity number: 1082681

Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team

Charity number: 501885

County Air Ambulance Trust

Based in Cosford, the County Air Ambulance Trust was launched in March 1993. It was founded to help ensure the financial future of the first red air ambulance helicopter. Since 1991 the number of air...

Charity number: 1057063

Sussex Musical Productions

Charity number: 1058851

Sarbot UK Underwater Rescue

Charity number: 1146638

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