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The Stanley Mews Community Trust Ltd

Charity number: 1128716

Uk Systems Society

Charity number: 1078782

Bag Books

Multi-sensory stories for people with learning disabilities. Bag Books is the only organisation in the world publishing multi-sensory books specifically for people with learning disabilities. Each year we reach around 19,000 children and adults throughout...

Charity number: 1026432

The Bravo! Trust

Charity number: 1138193

Bloomin' Arts Limited

Charity number: 1145645

Garvald Edinburgh

Charity number: SC014228

Scrubditch Care Farm

Charity number: 1153460

The Bread Maker

Charity number: SC030100

Three C's Support

Three C's Support provides relief for people with learning difficulties/disabilities in need of support. It also helps with their education.

Charity number: 1047736

The Bread Tin

Charity number: 1144093

Afasic Northern Ireland

Charity number: 1045617

Children In Hope

Charity number: 1153391

Down's Heart Group

Down’s Heart Group was founded in 1988 and offers parent friendly support and information relating to heart conditions associated with Down's Syndrome. Finding out your baby has Down's Syndrome presents a family with challenges.  For...

Charity number: 1011413

The White Horse Charity Otham

Charity number: 1113849

Reading Mencap

Reading Mencap has provided services and support in the Reading area to children and adults with learning disabilities and autistic-spectrum disorders for around 50 years. These services include a drop-in information centre, a family advice team,...

Charity number: 1118287

The Woodworks Project

Charity number: 1158320

Tool Aid Ringwood

Charity number: 1155900

Community Futures - Kent

Charity number: 1135471

The Albion (Oxon) Limited

Charity number: 1094372

Tools for Self Reliance, Northampton

Charity number: 1062719

Rutland House Community Trust Limited

Charity number: 1106898

Send the Light Ltd

Charity number: 270162

Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland

Camphill FoundationUK & Ireland, established in 1984, is a charity supporting Camphill communities, which have been working for more than seventy years to enable those with learning disabilities, developmental disorders, mental health problems and other...

Charity number: SC013057

Cambridgeshire Mencap

Charity number: 1030968

Stair Park Community Garden Centre SCIO

Charity number: SC044457


Charity number: 1157908

Stairway To Heaven Memorial Trust

Charity number: 1118618

The Disabilities Trust

Charity number: 800797, SC038972


Charity number: 1122109

Staithes Festival Of Arts And Heritage

Charity number: 1150675

Bishop Creighton House

Charity number: 1059084

The Roy Trust

Charity number: 1073577

Dyslexia Scotland

Dyslexia Scotland is the voluntary organisation representing the needs and interests of dyslexic people in Scotland. Our Mission Statement is “To encourage and enable dyslexic people, regardless of their age and abilities, to reach their...

Charity number: SC000951

The Roy Tucker Charitable Settlement

Charity number: 269888

Bishop Eton School Building Fund

Charity number: 1038371

The Roy Wells Charitable Trust

Charity number: 803769

Redbridge Forum

Charity number: 1090850

Daybreak Centres

Charity number: 514827

East Park Glasgow

Charity number: SC012838

British Friends Of Kishorit

Charity number: 1089108

The Work Place (Nottingham)

Charity number: 1079147

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