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Save the Family Ltd

Charity number: 516484

Cherrytree Support Services Limited

Charity number: 1096822

Depot Arts Company

Charity number: SC034257

Council for the Homeless (NI)

Charity number: XR2272

Above Us Only Sky?

Charity number: 1141230

The Aboyne Lodge School Association

Charity number: 1044678

Depaul Ireland

Charity number: XR2133123

The Bond Board Ltd

The Bond Board is a homeless charity that provides assistance to single people and families who are homeless or threatened with losing their home to access private rented accommodation and maintain their tenancy.  Our work...

Charity number: 1040176

The Bond Fund For Charities

Charity number: 1014756

Drumboughil Community Association

Charity number: XR 80127

Coventry Cyrenians Ltd

Coventry Cyrenians help homeless people within their city transform and improve their lives by providing them with various forms of supported accommodation, some of which provide residents with therapeutic treatment. The support they offer various...

Charity number: 502421

The Bond Wolfe Charitable Trust

Charity number: 1132430

St Giles Trust

St. Giles Trust helps people to overcome the combination of homelessness, poverty and ill health and build successful lives in the community. We focus on people with multiple support needs for whom other services don't...

Charity number: 801355

Women's Housing Action Group

Charity number: 1081032

Eglinton Community Ltd

Charity number: XR20572

Sanctuary Homes For The Homeless

Charity number: 1040171

Enable NI

Charity number: XR33720

Equality 2000

Charity number: XR75644

Help Jo Davidson

Jo's home, two miles outside Tomintoul, where she lived with her dogs and cat, burned down completely on Friday 7th October. Jo was rescued by visitors to the area and two of her dogs were...

Welwyn Hatfield Inter Faith Group

Charity number: 1146351

Brick By Brick - London Home Activity Group

Building homes for the homeless. Providing permanent accomodation for the homeless. Funds desperately needed.

Charity number: 1006360

The Bethany Trust

Charity number: 326319

Care In Action UK

Charity number: 1045181

Top Church Training

Charity number: 1062241

Wycombe Homeless Connection

WHC helps homeless or at-risk people in High Wycombe, Bucks to rebuild their lives by assisting them not only to find or keep accommodation but also to develop skills to achieve a stable lifestyle. Homelessness...

Charity number: 1156211

Top Deck

Charity number: 1033047

Top Hill Support Services Ltd

Charity number: 1142738

Top Kids

Charity number: 1109294

Thames Homeless Project

Charity number: 1067767

Wycombe Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme

Charity number: 1054725

Reading Single Homeless Project

Charity number: 279859

Dundee Survival Group

Charity number: SC012468

Dundee Voluntary Action

Charity number: SC000487

V.I.N.E. for P.A.T.

Charity number: 1001602

The Shelter Project Hounslow

Charity number: 1158760

Thrift Urban Housing Limited

Charity number: 1072534

Saluki Welfare Fund

Charity number: 1013212

The Shelton Sri Lanka Trust

Charity number: 1109812

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