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 We’re changing things for the better.  The environment is in crisis. But we remain positive.  WWF is the world’s leading independent conservation organisation. And we’re tackling the most serious conservation challenges facing the planet, building...

Charity number: 1081247, SC039593

British Trust for Ornithology - BTO

The BTO aids the conservation of Britain’s birds by providing facts and figures on bird populations and movements. Thousands of birdwatchers volunteer and carry out surveys across the nation, gathering information upon which many conservation...

Charity number: 216652, SC039193

Broomhill Day Centre (Penicuik)

Charity number: SC004494

The Torrs Charitable Trust

Charity number: 1048216

The Tory Family Foundation

Charity number: 326584

Voluntary Service Belfast

Charity number: XN48736

The Bude Canal Trust Limited

Charity number: 1054925

Chiltern Society, The

Charity number: 1085163

Sunrise Volunteer Programmes

Charity number: 1132373

Chiltern Student Villages Limited

Charity number: 1124358

The Vitacress Conservation Trust

Charity number: 1115192

Willow Tree Family Farm

Charity number: 1122101

Well Creek Trust Limited

Charity number: 261020

World Owl Trust

Charity number: 1107529

Wychwood Project (Oxfordshire)

The Wychwood Project is a registered charity (No. 1084259) established in 1997 that aims to inspire people to restore and conserve habitats and landscapes within the Wychwood area. The area covers 120 sq. miles and...

Charity number: 1084259

Wychwood School For Girls

Charity number: 309684

Stokesley River Leven Group

Charity number: 1117713

Wild Equid Protection Trust

Charity number: 1122460

Stokesley School Fund

Charity number: 1046610

African Space Trust

Charity number: 1142524

Wild Futures (formerly The Monkey Sanctuary Trust)

Wild Futures is a UK registered charity founded upon five decades of experience as a leader in the field of primate welfare and conservation, environmental education, and sustainable practice. Wild Futures is committed to protecting...

Charity number: 1102532

Wetland Trust

Wetland Trust promotes and conserves natural bio systems by creating and restoring the habitats of existing and rare species of plants, insects, birds and mammals local to the Pannel Valley. It then displays them for...

Charity number: 296531

West Kent Badger Group

Charity number: 1123499

The Wren Conservation Group

Charity number: 275451

Royal Welsh Agricultural Society Ltd

To promote agriculture, horticulture, forestry and conservation in Wales.

Charity number: 251232

The Sheffield General Cemetery Trust

Charity number: 1103158

The Woolhope Dome Environmental Trust

Charity number: 1127959

Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust

Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust promotes research to advance scientific knowledge, education and science.

Charity number: 306622

Dartmoor Trust

Charity number: 1056362

Vinters Valley Park Trust

Charity number: 1004726

Whitley Women's Institute

Charity number: 519117

The Chestnut Trust

Charity number: 326360

The Woolston Eyes Conservation Group

Charity number: 700362

Trust For Sustainable Living

Charity number: 1085057

Tiptoe Green Trust

Charity number: 1135329

Trust For The Development Of Pakistan

Charity number: 1121462

The Seahorse Trust

Charity number: 1086027

Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust

About Us The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT), founded by artist and naturalist the late Sir Peter Scott in 1946, is the only UK charity concerned solely with saving wetlands for wildlife and people. Nine...

Charity number: 1030884, SC039410

African Wildlife Foundation

Charity number: 1128297

Bath City Farm Ltd

Charity number: 1050202

The Tuli Development Trust

Charity number: 1113913

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