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Ventnor Botanic Garden Friends' Society

Charity number: 1080835

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Foundation and Friends

The Kew Foundation was created in 1990. It is registered as an independent charity that aims to raise much needed funds from individuals, companies and trusts to support Kew’s work.The Foundation is a Company limited...

Charity number: 803428

The Bentham-Moxon Trust

Charity number: 305966

The Sharpham Trust

Charity number: 285767

The Sharples Charitable Trust

Charity number: 1045798

The Aldeburgh Museum Collection Trust

Charity number: 310323

The Ulysses Trust

Charity number: 1012346

The Sawbridge Memorial Trust

Charity number: 1047232

The Rufford Maurice Laing Foundation

Rufford Maurice Laing makes grants to charities working in the fields of conservation and the environment, sustainable development, and in HIV/Aids projects.

Charity number: 326163

The Undercliffe Cemetery Charity

Charity number: 519751

Trees for Cities

Charity number: 1032154

Brecknock Wildlife Trust

Charity number: 239674

Scientific Exploration Society

Charity number: 267410

Scientific Instrument Society

Charity number: 326733

The Science Council

Charity number: 1131661

Royal Parks Foundation

We exist to raise funds and awareness to support the magic of London's eight amazing Royal Parks, now and in the future. With 500 years of history, the 5,000 acres of the Royal Parks are...

Charity number: 1097545

Ramsey Rural Museum Community Trust

Charity number: 290110

Ramsey St Mary's Womens Institute

Charity number: 1053216

Botanical Research Fund

Charity number: 255950

Swanage Museum

Charity number: 274200

Royal Horticultural Society - The UK's Leading Gardening Charity

The RHS is committed to providing a voice for all gardeners. We are driven by a simple love of plants and a belief that gardeners make the world a better place. 209 years on we...

Charity number: 222879, SC038262

Woodland Heritage

About Us Woodland Heritage offer the opportunity to leave behind a growing legacy ~ thriving woodlands, benefiting everyone now, and for the future. Young trees purify the very air that we breathe – they are...

Charity number: 1041611

Soil Association

Charity number: 206862

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust believes the rich world of nature is an essential part of what makes life worth living.

Charity number: 266202

Carew Pole Garden Trust

Charity number: 268964

Carew Women's Institute

Charity number: 1023226

Cymdeithas Edward Llwyd

Charity number: 1126027

Tatton Garden Society

Charity number: 500606

The Woodland Trust

Woodland Trust exists to conserve, restore and re-establish trees and in particular broad-leaved trees, plants and all forms of wildlife and thereby to secure and enhance the enjoyment by the public of the natural environment.

Charity number: 294344, SC038885

The Chelsea Physic Garden Company

Charity number: 286513

The Chelsea Society

Charity number: 276264

The Chelsea Square 1994 Trust

Charity number: 1040479

Borde Hill Garden Limited

Charity number: 246589

The Boyd-Carpenter Charitable Trust

Charity number: 290377

Bungay Museum Trust

Charity number: 272615

Woodbridge Museum Trust

Charity number: 276373

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