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Coastal Homestart

Charity number: 1010063

Action for Children Northern Ireland

Charity number: 1097940

Action For Children's Arts

Charity number: 1114530

The Cybersmile Foundation

Charity number: 1147576

Children First Lewisham

Charity number: 1095551

Cambridge Advanced Motorcyclists

Charity number: 1085377

Damilola Taylor Trust

FROM RICHARD TAYLOR: "It has been over ten years since my dear son died. For much of that time I have felt grief. Now more than ever, I want our son's death to mean hope,...

Charity number: 1087597

Royal Wanstead Children's Foundation

Foundation for provision of boarding school grants for children without one or both parents, where home conditions are seriously prejudicial to the child's development.

Charity number: 310916

Cap UK

Charity number: 1056377

Children in Wales - Plant Yng Nghymru

Children in Wales is the national umbrella organisation for those working with children and young people in Wales. We are a membership body and can offer practical information and support to our members and others....

Charity number: 1020313

Ragamuffins (Bere Regis)

Charity number: 288608

Children North East

Children deserve a happy and fulfilling childhood no matter what their background. Our range of community based projects strive to ensure that children, young people and families are given all the help needed at a...

Charity number: 222041

Youth at Risk

Charity number: 1041855

Cwmbran Contact Centre

Charity number: 1097710

Cwmbran Male Choir

Charity number: 503226

The Worcester Contact Centre

Charity number: 1105702

The Riverside Community Day Nursery

Charity number: 293506

Coventry Tamil Welfare Association

Charity number: 1093924

Upchurch Cricket Club

Charity number: 1128972

Africans Unite Against Child Abuse

Our mission is to promote the rights and welfare of African children. With a presence in two UK cities (London and Manchester) and projects working with children, young people and families across London and in...

Charity number: 1093027

Chichester Child Contact Centre

Charity number: 1143879

Tarka Child Contact Centre

Charity number: 1141086

Creative Youth Network

Charity number: 266318

South Tyneside Women's Aid

Charity number: 1020760

Children Screaming To Be Heard

Charity number: 1144679

Shropshire Child Contact Centre

Charity number: 1096556

Cyc Carr County Junior School Fund

Charity number: 1045847

Cyclch Meithrin Bronllwyn

Charity number: 1056042

Riverside Day Nursery (Reading) Ltd

Charity number: 1126904

Safe Childhoods Foundation

Charity number: 1126669

The Churches' Agency For Safeguarding

Charity number: 1118848

CHILDREN 1ST - Royal Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children

CHILDREN 1st is the leading childcare charity dedicated to protecting Scotland's children and helping to make a difference to the quality of their lives. For 125 years, our work has been directed at protecting children...

Charity number: SC016092

The Victoria Climbie Foundation UK

Charity number: 1128786


Charity number: 1127715

Barnardo's Heritage Centre

Charity number: 1052435

Africa Aid Foundation

Charity number: 1139815

Bromley Womens Aid

Charity number: 1068007

Bromley Youth Trust

Charity number: 292669

Bromley Youth Music Trust

Charity number: 1031590

Brompton Association

Charity number: 266934

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