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Raf Association, Aberdare Branch

Charity number: 259115


Charity number: 1119061

Royal Air Force Museum (RAF)

The Royal Air Force Museum is one of the premier aviation heritage centres in the world and is the UK’s largest museum dedicated wholly to aviation. It was opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1972...

Charity number: 244708

The Wellington Trust

Charity number: 1109066

Raf Association, Brecon Branch

Charity number: 259118

Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford

Charity number: 244708

Albert Mckenzie Vc Memorial Fund

Charity number: 1154086

Coastal Forces Heritage Trust

Charity number: 1044933

Royal Air Force Music Charitable Trust

Charity number: 1101767

Raf Brize Norton Officers Mess

Charity number: 1132395

Raf Brize Norton Pre-School

Charity number: 304275

Raf Brize Norton Sergeants Mess

Charity number: 1132400

Royal Air Force Sailing Association

Charity number: 1132197

The Bastion Baton

Charity number: 1135897

Raf Brize Norton Sif

Charity number: 1132398

The Basw Trust

Charity number: 298588

Raf Halton Officers Mess

Charity number: 1130565

Royal Armouries

Royal Armouries is the United Kingdom’s National Museum of Arms and Armour, including artillery. As a museum we have a duty of care for these objects, to keep them, study them and increase our knowledge...

Charity number: 254543

Raf Halton Sergeants' Mess Fund

Charity number: 1130566

Raf High Wycombe Wos' And Sncos' Mess

Charity number: 1141409

Royal Army Medical Corps Benevolence

Charity number: 1129091

Raf Honington Officers' Mess

Charity number: 1131112

Raf Honington Sergeants' Mess

Charity number: 1131113

Raf Marham Officers' Mess

Charity number: 1132814

Raf Northolt Officers' Mess

Charity number: 1149501

Raf Odiham Officers' Mess

Charity number: 1133203

Royal Ulster Constabulary George Cross - Police Service Northern Ireland Benevolent Fund

Founded in 1969 with its main objectives being to look after widows and their dependants, injured officers, pensioners and serving officers. It offers a wide range of assistance, including adventure holidays for children, short breaks...

Charity number: XN48380

Raf Odiham Wos' And Sncos' Mess

Charity number: 1133202

Royal Artillery Institution Limited

Charity number: 1122002

Poppyscotland (The Earl Haig Fund Scotland)

Poppyscotland supports veterans and their families in Scotland. Money is raised through the annual Scottish Poppy Appeal and other fundraising activities.

Charity number: SC014096

The Douglas Haig Fellowship

Charity number: 1150833

Raf Waddington Officers Mess

Charity number: 1134804

The Douglas Holt Charitable Trust

Charity number: 230233

Raf Waddington Services Institute Fund

Charity number: 1134805

The Douglas Martin Trust

Charity number: 267876

Raf Wittering Officers' Mess

Charity number: 1133551

The Wardroom Mess, Hms Drake

Charity number: 1129025

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