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Born Free Foundation

KEEP WILDLIFE IN THE WILD Born Free is an international wildlife charity devoted to animal welfare and conservation. The charity was founded by actors Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers (stars of the iconic films 'Born...

Charity number: 1070906

Surrey Wildlife Trust

Surrey Wildlife Trust’s vision is for a living landscape in Surrey that is rich in wildlife and valued by all. We are the only organisation concerned solely with the conservation of all forms of wildlife...

Charity number: 208123

Surrey Youth Focus

Charity number: 1140934

Surrey Youth League

Charity number: 1092864

Bybrook Trust

Charity number: 1076398

Rajiv Gandhi (UK) Foundation

Charity number: 1032434

Bat Conservation Trust

Charity number: 1012361

World of Owls

The primary aim of the "World of Owls" is to ensure the survival of owls throughout the world. This objective will be achieved by rescue, conservation, education, research and restoration of their natural habitat.  World...

Charity number: NIC100938

Save the Rhino International

Charity number: 1035072

Save the World Club

Charity number: 1096271

Save Vedic Heritage

Charity number: 1140685

Blackbrook Zoological Park Limited

Charity number: 1124520

Secret World Wildlife Rescue

Secret World Wildlife Rescue was founded in 1992 by Pauline Kidner. The charity provides an essential service for the rescue, rehabilitation and release of all species of British wildlife, 365 days of the year. In...

Charity number: 1097119

The Welsh Dee Trust

Charity number: 1127999

Uk. Friends Of The Environment Limited

Charity number: 1001866

Whitley Fund For Nature

Charity number: 1081455

Whitley Lodge Under Fives

Charity number: 1023284

Wild&Free - Rehabilitation And Release

Charity number: 1158750

Care for the Wild International

Care for the Wild have worked for 30 years to rescue - protect - defend wildlife here in the UK and around the world

Charity number: 288802

Tusk Trust

Charity number: 803118

Care for Uganda

Charity number: 1099797

Dartmoor Zoological Society

Charity number: 1158422

Tustin Charitable Trust

Charity number: 1072324

The Raptor Foundation

Charity number: 1042085

China Tiger Revival (UK)

Charity number: 1154073

The Delphic Bursary Fund

Charity number: 1144348

The Delphic Wellness Foundation

Charity number: 1154789

The Carmarthenshire Rivers Trust

Charity number: 1127390

Shark Guardian

INTRODUCTION Shark Guardian was founded by Brendon , an experienced scuba diving instructor trainer with a great passion for sharks. Brendon has been focusing on shark conservation, education, supporting shark conservation efforts and leading scuba...

Charity number: 1152654

The Carmelite Monastery Ware Trust

Charity number: 298379

Wildlife In Need

Charity number: 1156201

Twycross Zoo - East Midland Zoological Society Ltd

East Midland Zoological Society runs Twycross Zoo, which it uses to protect wildlife by housing them in a safe and stable environment.

Charity number: 501841

The Simpson Foundation

Charity number: 231030

Wildlife Sos

Charity number: 1126511

Bill Quay Community Farm Association

Charity number: 1146471

Bill Quay Pre-School

Charity number: 1123593

Bill Warman Memorial Awards

Charity number: 1009904

The Dennis Gould Foundation

Charity number: 1110571

The Dennis Hooley Charitable Trust

Charity number: 1106217

South East Wales Rivers Trust

Charity number: 1145724

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation is a small, effective charity funding key projects in Africa and Asia working to save critically endangered mammals in the wild. DSWF supports anti-poaching, park protection, education, community outreach and conservation projects...

Charity number: 1106893

Cambridge Past, Present & Future

Charity number: 204121

Bristol Zoo Gardens

Bristol Zoo Gardens promotse the study of zoology and horticulture and arboriculture, and maintains Bristol Zoo.

Charity number: 1104986

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