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The A B Grace Trust

Charity number: 504332

Dr Friedrich Stock Memorial Trust

Charity number: 1080008

The Seeing Ear Limited

Charity number: 1111371

The Seeing Dogs Alliance

Charity number: 510224

The Beatrice Robey Will Trust

Charity number: 1124597

The Beatrix Potter Society

Charity number: 281198

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People (Head Office)

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is a national charity and centre of excellence in training hearing dogs to alert deaf people to everyday household sounds and danger signals in the home, work place and in...

Charity number: 293358, SC040486

The Violet Delaney Charitable Trust

Charity number: 1099456

Willliam Malcolm Law Will Trust

Charity number: 1080014

Willoughbridge Garden Trust

Charity number: 522695

Willoughbridge Garden Trust Limited

Charity number: 1060498

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