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Medical needs, Memorial set ups, Marathon running, skydiving, Arctic adventure or mountain biking. Top-up your donations through online shopping

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GoFundMe campaigns made easy with GoRaise

Fundraising isn’t easy, we get it, that’s why with GoRaise, donations can become as simple as your click and collect shop. Over 3,000 online retailers are ready and waiting to donate to your campaign.

It doesn’t cost anyone a penny, so it’s a much easier way to ask people to help out. Times are hard, and giving fatigue is rife.  GoRaise is a free and easy way to help you on your way to smashing your GoFundMe campaign target.

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GoRaise has all the tools to make it really simple

Your GoRaise Campaign Page

Every campaign has its own fundraising page, with all the information needed for people to start supporting your campaign, or share with their network!


The GoRaise team are always available to help you get set-up and support your campaign efforts.

Marketing tools

There's a whole section of the site dedicated to customised emails, templates and general marketing material. We make it really easy to get more supporters and raise more.

Free Donations

The donations will automatically be credited to your GoFundMe campaign page and paid monthly.

Any GoRaise donations get paid directly into your GoFundMe campaign page. You can easily top up your donations with online shopping.

Add your Campaign

Medical needs, Memorial set-ups, Marathon running, skydiving, Arctic adventure or mountain biking. Top-up your donations through online shopping.

Any questions?

Is there any cost to our cause or supporters?

No, it's completely free for your cause and supporters. The only cost is to the retailer.

Why do the retailers make a donation?

When you visit a retailer or service through they offer a donation as a thank you for your custom. Our partner retailers like to help, but it's also a way of attracting customers, so they essentially put it down as a marketing cost.

Sounds too good to be true – is there a catch?

There’s no catch, and to confirm, it won't cost you a penny!! In fact, there’s £millions worth of retailer commission available every year to fund good causes across the UK. Amazingly, many causes are still unaware of this easy, free way to generate funds through everyday online shopping.

How much of the donation does GoRaise take?

We don’t take a penny of the amount displayed. For all retailers we show a donation rate (% or £), which represents the full amount you are raising for your cause. For clarity, GoRaise is a commercial organisation, and we receive an additional payment from the retailer above and beyond that shown on the site.

Can any cause use GoRaise to fundraise?

Yes – any good cause (an organisation with unselfish goals) can use GoRaise to generate funds, from small community groups to national charities. Your favourite cause may already be registered. If it isn’t, it can be added for free. GoRaise helps charities, sports clubs, PTAs, community groups, churches, youth groups (Girl Guides, Scouts etc) and lots of other great causes.

How do we get paid?

You can choose to receive your money into a bank account or direct donation platform. We pay our causes every quarter and challengers monthly. We'll let you know once the payment has been sent. Please note: causes have to have at least £15 (and Challengers £2) in their account before we make payment